[Pkg-octave-devel] Dynare status

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at debian.org
Wed Apr 29 14:54:30 UTC 2009

* Sébastien Villemot <sebastien.villemot at ens.fr> [2009-04-29 15:32]:

> This is not possible immediately, because so far we have not included
> the (proto-)testsuite in the upstream source tarball. We shall include
> it in the next minor release, which should occur within a few weeks.

Okay, there is no hush for that.

> There are also three other issues:
> * the testsuite plots several graphs, which makes Gnuplot fail when
> there is no X11 display. However it seems that setting GNUTERM="dumb"
> solves the problem, with the extra benefit of creating text versions of
> the graphs

Or use xvfb-run for the xfvb package.

> * the testsuite takes a lot of computing time because of some very long
> model estimations; maybe we should remove the longest tests


> * since the package hardcodes Dynare installation paths (/usr/lib/dynare
> and /usr/share/dynare) using quilt, Dynare can't be run if it is not
> installed there; maybe I should temporarily unpatch the source (with
> "quilt pop") before running the tests ?

Using quilt for doing this may be error prone and complicate the
maintenance.  What about if the patch order is changed?  A better way
would be to provide an alternate dynare_config.m for the test suite.
Otherwise, change dynare_config.m to accept dynareroot and 
dynareroot_mfiles as arguments.

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