[Pkg-octave-devel] Octave 3.4

Thomas Weber tweber at debian.org
Fri Feb 4 09:29:44 UTC 2011


barring any unexpected last-minute issues, Octave 3.4 will be released
this week-end. Please do NOT upload it immediately. I want to change our
packaging of Octave and we need to discuss a few things first.

*** Naming *** 
I want to drop the release version from the package names again. We
started having two Octave packages in Debian with 2.1 and 2.9 and I
think it's time to end this again. It's causing extra work both for us
and for other packages (packages which need Octave and have to adapt to
a new major version every time one comes out). 

So, we need a smooth transition from octave3.2-* to octave-*.

*** Packaging ***
We have a long-standing bug with respect to the placement of Octave's
libraries and corresponding SONAMES, 
I'd like to discuss whether we should try to tackle this and how -- at
the time of the bug report it seemed very difficult as Octave wasn't
using libtool. But this has changed now.

*** Git ***
We currently keep only the debian/ directory in git. Jordi did change
this for the symbolic package, but I think we should discuss 
a) whether we want to do this at all
b) if yes, how to best tackle it.

I have no strong opinion on it either way.


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