[Pkg-octave-devel] Does anybody still care about QtOctave?

Sébastien Villemot sebastien.villemot at ens.fr
Wed Jun 15 20:01:36 UTC 2011

Thomas Weber <tweber at debian.org> writes:

> the subject says it all. I don't use it at all and therefore have zero
> interest in maintaining it in Debian. The last commit in git is from August
> 2010. 
> The 0.10.1 version is available from upstream since January, yet it
> doesn't seem like anybody cared - there's not even a user asking for the
> new version in the BTS.
> So, any objections to dropping it?

I personally do not use it either. However, I think it is probably a bad
idea to drop it for two reasons:

- popcon indicates more than 850 users;

- more importantly, the existence of a graphical interface is frequently
  cited by MATLAB users as a requirement for making the switch to
  Octave. Even if it is imperfect, QtOctave partly fills that gap and
  probably helps people making the switch. There exist other graphical
  frontends, but it seems that QtOctave is the only one running on
  GNU/Linux and under active development (please correct me if I am

If you agree with these points, I am willing to take up the maintenance
of this package.


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