[Pkg-octave-devel] Bug#620062: qtoctave: wrong default filename extension in save dialogue (".m; " instead of ".m")

Marko marko.kn at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 15:35:11 UTC 2011

I discovered that this behavior depends on the desktop environment,
because the save file dialogs behave differently. I am using KDE,
GNOME behaves differently here and only exposes a very small issue.

Anyhow these are the steps to reproduce the problem:

Make sure "Use external editor" is unchecked in the config.
Open an editor window from "View" - "Dock Tools" - "Editor"
In the editor window select "File" - "Save As"

If you are using KDE a standard KDE save file dialog pops up. It has a
checkbox at the bottom saying "Automatically select filename extension
(.m;)" which is checked by default. A saved file will have the
filename extension ".m;".

I also tried this with GNOME, but only on Ubuntu, not on Debian. Here
the save file dialog has a drop-down-menu where one entry is "Octave
(*.m; *.M)". Selecting this entry has two effects: The saved file will
have the filename extension ".m" (as expected) and the save file
dialog will only list existing files ending with either ".m" or ".m;"
(which is not the expected behavior, but only a very small issue)


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