[Pkg-octave-devel] Octave crashed

Zbigniew Komarnicki cblasius at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 09:41:06 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 16 of March 2011 20:19:30 Thomas Weber wrote:
> Hi,
> guys, if you forward a mail from a thread to a new recipient (in this
> case the pkg-octave-devel list), please include *all* relevant
> information in the first mail. I actually thought that we received that
> mail in error, because there was no mention of Debian *at all* in the
> mail - and even then, there's no mention of any problem in the forwarded
> mail, just some ldd outputs.
> Zbigniew, please remove all packages with 'atlas' in their name from the
> system, then try again. If it still crashes, open a bug against
> octave3.2, using reportbug. If it doesn't crash anymore, try with the
> atlas base package (libatlas3gf-base).

Thank you for your help. 

After removing all atlas package octave works correctly. 

If I install "libatlas3gf-base" the octave crashed as before.

I'm very sorry for the forward mail from a thread to a new recipient.
I was thinking, if such mail reach to pkg-octave-devel then you will be 
interested  to check debian-user list for this thread, because it  refer to 
octave. I'm sorry once again and in the future I will start new thread with 
full information.

I have one more question: where first to signal if given program crashed? 
To debian-user list or to specific list e.g.  *-devel ? Because also "scilab" 
crased by atlas package. After removing all atlas packages I check that scilab 
now works.

>  Thanks
> 	Thomas

Thank you,

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