[Pkg-octave-devel] Octave crashed

Zbigniew Komarnicki cblasius at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 03:51:54 UTC 2011

On Thursday 17 of March 2011 21:44:20 Thomas Weber wrote:

> It's not necessary to start a new thread, just give a short summary.
> I'm offline most of the time, though. So at the time I read your mail, I
> usually don't have net access.
> > I have one more question: where first to signal if given program crashed?
> That depends. If you think you are doing something wrong, asking on a
> user list is probably the best start. If you are somewhat sure that
> there's a bug, file a bug with reportbug. There's no black and white
> here, but lots of shades of grey.
> Now, please file a bug against Atlas using reportbug (which includes
> some helpful information for the atlas maintainer by default).
> 	Thomas

Thank you.


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