[Pkg-octave-devel] LEG: Optimisation and porting - assembly

Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu
Wed Apr 3 07:47:36 UTC 2013


you might have read about the initiative from Linaro to detect assembly
code in Free Software to increase portablility.  I checked their list
for packages inside Debian Med (which became fairly easy by using the
recent not yet published stuff to solve #703402) and here is the list of
packages with some relevance for Debian Med that might deserve some
checking whether it might be possible to dissable / remove assembly
code.  I also add relevant contact (upstream or Debian maintainer in
case of generic packages like octave) in CC.

  abyss       <sjackman at bcgsc.ca>
  bowtie      <blangmea at jhsph.edu>
  emboss      <emboss-bug at emboss.open-bio.org>
  genometools <steinbiss at zbh.uni-hamburg.de>
  ginkgocadx  <carlos.barrales at metaemotion.com>
  gmap        <twu at gene.com>
  gromacs     <nbreen at ofb.net>
  jellyfish   <gmarcais at umd.edu>
  maude       <eker at csl.sri.com>
  mothur      <pschloss at umich.edu>
  octave      <pkg-octave-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
  paraview    <mathieu.malaterre at gmail.com>
  praat       <rafael at laboissiere.net>
  r-base      <edd at debian.org>
  ugene       <ugene at unipro.ru>

For more information about the ASM issue I attached an extract from the
result of the study concerning the packages listed above.  It would be
nice if you could check the possibility to remove / replace / deactivate
assembly code to make the software easily portable (for instance to cool
architectures like ARM64).

BTW, I also think that

  fis-gtm     <luis.ibanez at kitware.com>, <Amul.Shah at fisglobal.com>

(which is not yet released as Debian package and thus not part of the
study) is affected.

Kind regards


[1] https://wiki.linaro.org/LEG/Engineering/OPTIM/Assembly
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