[Pkg-octave-devel] In which package should liboctgui.so be?

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at laboissiere.net
Fri Jan 1 23:58:36 UTC 2016

The liboctgui.so* files are currently included in the the octave package, 
contrary to the liboctave.so* and liboctinterp.so* files, which are 
included in liboctave3v5.  This is triggering the Lintian warning:

    octave: postinst-has-useless-call-to-ldconfig

I am wondering whether The liboctgui.so* files should go into 
liboctave3v5.  However, by doing this, we will end up with different 
libraries with different SOVERSIONs (liboctave and liboctinterp have 3 as 
SOVERSION, while liboctgui has 1).  I guess that this would be a 
problem for naming the liboctave* package.  As a matter of fact, after 
a quick investigation, I found Debian packages containing different 
libraries, but they all seem to have the same SOVERSION, e.g.:

    $ dpkg -L libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0 | grep '/usr/lib/.*/lib.*.so\.[0-9]$'

What should we do?  If we decide to keep liboctgui in the octave package, 
we might include the following in debian/rules:

          dh_makeshlibs --package=octave --noscripts
          dh_makeshlibs --no-package=octave

Any objection?


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