[Pkg-octave-devel] Getting rid of the menu file

Sébastien Villemot sebastien at debian.org
Wed Jan 6 11:12:25 UTC 2016

Le dimanche 27 décembre 2015 à 11:14 +0100, Rafael Laboissiere a écrit :
> In order to comply with the Technical Committee decision regarding 
> Bug#741573 [1], I removed the file debian/octave.menu from the octave 
> package [commit 0170cd8].
> In the process of doing it, I noticed that we are still shipping a .menu 
> file within the octave-htmldoc package.  This file is not concerned by 
> the tech-ctte decision above, but I am wondering about its usefulness, 
> because there are no applications shipped in the octave-htmldoc package.
> Besides that, I simply do not understand its command= lines:
>     $ grep command= debian/octave-htmldoc.menu
>         command="/usr/share/doc/octave-htmldoc/interpreter/index.html"
>         command="/usr/share/doc/octave-htmldoc/liboctave/index.html"
> According section 3.6 of the Debian Menu System documentation [2], the 
> content of the command field should be an executable file, which is 
> clearly not the case above.  Since there are already 
> octave-htmldoc.doc-base.* files, I think that we can remove 
> octave-htmldoc.doc-base.
> What do you think? 

The files were added by Thomas in commit 0f694231, so maybe he could
enlighten us on their purpose?

Personally, I consider that menu files are legacy, and can be dropped.
For documentation files, the doc-base system is a nice replacement.

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