[Pkg-octave-devel] In which package should liboctgui.so be?

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at laboissiere.net
Wed Jan 6 11:16:11 UTC 2016

* Sébastien Villemot <sebastien at debian.org> [2016-01-06 12:06]:

> Le samedi 02 janvier 2016 à 00:58 +0100, Rafael Laboissiere a écrit :
>> [snip]
>> What should we do?  If we decide to keep liboctgui in the octave package, 
>> we might include the following in debian/rules:
>>   override_dh_makeshlibs:
>>           dh_makeshlibs --package=octave --noscripts
>>           dh_makeshlibs --no-package=octave
> I'm in favor of keeping liboctgui in the octave package, since it is a 
> private library not needed by any other external package.

This is also what I was inclined to do.

> So I'm ok with your proposed change


> […] (as long as it does not break anything! :)

Apparently, it does not, but I cannot be 100% sure.


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