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Ana Beatriz Guerrero López ana at moszumanska.debian.org
Sat Oct 22 12:28:17 UTC 2016

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        at  9bf741e   (tag)
   tagging  25c5e21507f27d7ba9a35fb48ef5eb2e432e8d55 (commit)
  replaces  v1.1.0rc1
 tagged by  Sean Hefty
        on  Sat Jul 11 21:53:39 2015 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Arun C Ilango (2):
      prov/verbs: Ignore address info got from ibacm
      prov/verbs: fix coverity issue and memory leaks

Ben Turrubiates (20):
      man/fi_getinfo.3.md: clarify FI_MSG_PREFIX behavior.
      usnic: Implement new FI_MSG_PREFIX behavior.
      usnic: Update usdf_dgram_prefix_send.
      usnic: Update usdf_dgram_prefix_sendv.
      usnic: Return the correct completion length.
      usnic: Fix copy optimization path of usdf_dgram_prefix_sendv.
      usnic: Add new inject function for prefix.
      usnic: Add support for handling completion generation.
      usnic: Update usdf_dgram_send implementation.
      usnic: Add utility functions to reduce code duplication.
      usnic: Add completion generation option to _usdf_dgram_send_iov_copy.
      usnic: Add a _usdf_dgram_send_iov with a completion generation option.
      usnic: Update functions to use new iov utility functions.
      usnic: Add prefix version of utility function to adjust headers.
      usnic: Update code to use utility routines for prefix sends.
      usnic: Update _usdf_dgram_send_iov_copy to use new utilities.
      usnic: dgram: Temporarily fix handling of iov_limit and size.
      usnic: Make send completion lengths reflect sizes given to library.
      usnic: usdf_dgram_prefix_recvmsg: Use prefixed version of recvv.
      fi_param_undefine: Don't access structure after calling free on it.

Dave Goodell (9):
      man: add prefix region contiguity requirement
      Merge pull request #1154 from jsquyres/pr/gitignore-update
      Merge pull request #1152 from bturrubiates/topic/fix-completion-len
      Merge pull request #1156 from bturrubiates/topic/send-path-fixes
      man: update fi_usnic(7) for 1.1.0 release
      usnic: fix "used uninitialized" warning
      Merge pull request #1159 from goodell/pr/fix-uninit-warning
      Merge pull request #1057 from bturrubiates/topic/dgram-inject
      Merge pull request #1163 from bturrubiates/topic/fix-param-undefine

James Swaro (2):
      Initialize param_list to avoid crashing in library destructor
      Add quick exit to fi_fini

Jeff Squyres (5):
      libfabric.so: bump the Libtool .so version to 2:0:1
      Merge pull request #1136 from jsquyres/pr/libfabric-so-version-bump
      Merge pull request #1143 from bturrubiates/topic/prefix-fix
      .gitignore: add util/fi_info
      Merge pull request #1150 from goodell/pr/usnic-man-page

Jianxin Xiong (4):
      prov/psm: generate cq entries for cancelled operations
      Merge pull request #1157 from j-xiong/master
      prov/psm: fix provider parameter type
      Merge pull request #1158 from j-xiong/master

Jithin Jose (17):
      sockets: Avoid reverse lookup for every received message
      sockets: Avoid polling all connections while checking for incoming
      sockets: fix an incorrect var definition type.
      sockets: move atomic op synchronization just before updating data
      Merge pull request #1115 from shantonu/pr/sockets-fix
      sockets: bind endpoint to wildcard address if app does not provide
      sockets: coverity scan fix
      sockets: Use fastlock for progress engine list-lock
      sockets: fix resource leak in comm buffer
      Add rx_entry pool
      sockets: avoid ringbuf signalling in manual-progress mode
      sockets: avoid extra recv() call in sock_comm_data_avail and sock_comm_discard
      sockets: Add error checking for sock_comm_send
      Merge pull request #1149 from patrickmacarthur/pr/sockets-dest-addr-hint
      sockets: mark tx entry as completed only if data is sent out to wire
      sockets: - add rx-ctrl context for every tx context (for progressing
      sockets: set pep src address as hostname if user does not input it

OFIWG Bot (3):
      Updated nroff-generated man pages
      Updated nroff-generated man pages
      Updated nroff-generated man pages

Patrick MacArthur (3):
      prov/sockets: Do not ignore dest_addr in hints
      prov/verbs: Set fabric_attr->prov_name in connreq info structure
      prov/verbs: Set fabric_attr->fabric on connreq

Patrick McCormick (3):
      Allow fi_getparams to be called before fi_getinfo.
      Remove unused includes from fi_list.h
      Add param_undefine call to remove registered vars.

Reese Faucette (2):
      Merge pull request #1131 from xuywang/pr/usd_update
      Merge pull request #1133 from bturrubiates/topic/prefix-2

Sean Hefty (27):
      Merge pull request #1120 from jswaro/topic/jswaro/bugfix/1119-initialize-param-list
      Merge pull request #1116 from jithinjosepkl/pr/sock_opt
      Merge pull request #1121 from jswaro/topic/jswaro/bugfix/quick-exit-fi-fini
      Merge pull request #1125 from pmmccorm/master
      Merge pull request #1128 from jithinjosepkl/pr/devel
      fabric: Update API version to match ABI release
      prov/sockets: Fix version check
      prov/all: Report version that is actually supported
      fabric: Add check against version in fi_getinfo
      prov/sockets: Check for disconnected sockets
      Merge pull request #1127 from shefty/master
      Merge pull request #1129 from pmmccorm/misc
      Merge pull request #1132 from shefty/master
      Merge pull request #1134 from jithinjosepkl/pr/devel
      Merge pull request #1130 from a-ilango/acm_fix
      Revert "sockets: Use fastlock for progress engine list-lock"
      Merge pull request #1137 from shefty/master
      Merge pull request #1139 from a-ilango/dev
      fabric: Define CQ entry fields
      fabric/man: Clarify use of len to send/recv with FI_MSG_PREFIX
      Merge pull request #1140 from shefty/master
      Merge pull request #1141 from goodell/pr/prefix-contiguous
      Merge pull request #1153 from patrickmacarthur/pr/verbs-prov-name
      Merge pull request #1155 from shantonu/pr/specfile-fix
      Merge pull request #1162 from jithinjosepkl/pr/sock_opt
      configure: Fix symver format

Shantonu Hossain (3):
      prov/sockets: Returned error code when fails to connect to target
      prov/sockets: Returned correct error code when socket connection fails
      Fixed the changelog format in the specfile

Xuyang Wang (1):
      update usnic_direct to SVN 231979


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