[Pkg-ofed-devel] ofa-kernel and 2.6.30 (31)

Guy Coates gmpc at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Oct 26 09:00:47 UTC 2009

Mario Lang wrote:
> Hi.
> linux-2.6 2.6.31-1 has just been uploaded to sid.
> Is anyone working on ofa-kernel packages from the OFED 1.5 branch?

Hi all,

Not yet; if you want to have a crack at it there are some very-basic notes on 
what to do here:


> I am wondering how useful an upload of ofa-kernel as it
> is currently to sid would be, since the package does not
> support the kernel version currently in sid.

The 1.4.2 ofa-kernel package is useless for sid users.

> As noted in a debian-kernel team announcement elsewhere, 2.6.32 is
> probably going to be the kernel for squeeze.
> On a related note, do we know what upstream plans are regarding
> merging XRC into linux mainline?

The best person to talk to about merging XRC is Roland Dreier. He is the 
maintainer of the debian libibverbs package, and the upstream kernel maintainer 
for the infiniband drivers.

Is the XRC stuff really required by openMPI/mpich, or are the errors that get 
generated at runtime just  generic errors caused by the mismatched 
kernel/libibverbs packages?

I notice that SID has openmpi packages that contain the openib btl, so openmpi 
obviously compiles on systems without XRC support. Has anyone tried the SID 
openmpi packages?



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