[Pkg-ofed-devel] build sucess in a new branch ofed-1.4.2lenny

Toru Nishimura locore64 at alkyltechnology.com
Wed Feb 24 16:43:48 UTC 2010

Mr. Mortier reported;

> i fixed all errors reported and created a new branch for 1.4.2 on lenny, 
> could you test it, tell me if something is missing
> svn co svn://svn.debian.org/pkg-ofed/branches/ofed-1.4.2lenny

I fetched the new svn tree and made successful builds this time for
libsdp, opensm and perftest, which revealed missing .svn/ symptoms.

I'm continuing other pending builds to make the entire OFED packages

Thanks a lot for prompt actions, Dr. Coates and Mr. Mortier.  You are
life savers to me.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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