[Pkg-ofed-devel] up-to-date opensm and related packages uploaded to DELAYED/10

Roland Dreier roland at digitalvampire.org
Tue Oct 16 00:07:24 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I just did NMUs of opensm along with what appear to be the requirements
to get consistent dependencies (libibumad, libibmad, infiniband-diags
and ibutils).  I did a fair amount of monkeying with the packaging; in
particular, I based the new packages on the ofed-1.5.4 branch in the
pkg-ofed alioth svn repository, but that packaging did not acknowledge
the NMUs that are already present in the repository.

I did my best to merge the NMU changes that are already in the
repository with the package updates from the ofed-1.5.4 branch, but it
is quite possible I messed something up.  Things at least seem to work
on my system, so I hope once my packages make it through the queue, we
will have a modern enough opensm in Debian to support FDR and SR-IOV.

I'd be quite happy if someone from the pkg-ofed team would pick up my
changes, merge it into the svn tree, and acknowledge my NMU, but given
the recent rate of uploads, I'm not that optimistic.

 - R.
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