[Pkg-ofed-devel] My Letter To you

Barrister Cole Smith hr at yenihayat.az
Sun Jan 19 12:24:48 UTC 2014

Dear Friend,

Please permit me to introduce myself, I am Barrister Cole Smith from Togo West Africa. I am writing you this letter based on the latest development that I will tell you($10,500,000).

This fund was deposited by my late client and his bank has invited me to present the beneficiary for the fund.

This is a legitimate  transaction and I agreed to offer you 40% of this money as my foreign partner after confirmation of the fund in your bank account. If you are interested, please get back to me with the following details below.

(1)Your age:
(2)Your occupation:
(3)Your marital status:
(4)Your Address: 
(5)Your Full Name and Mobile phone number:

This is not a joke. You can come here at my  address: 15 Rue Atakpame, Kara BP 1030 in Togo and we go to the bank together. Or i send you the Application Text that you will fill and send to the bank and the transfer will be made without your presence here. All that is important is your honesty and co-operation.

As soon as I receive these data, I will  forward to you the application form which you will send to the bank.

Please reply to my private email address: securityservicesdiplomatic1 at gmail.com

Thanks alot.

Barrister C. Smith

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