[Pkg-ofed-devel] last updates and request for help

Roland Fehrenbacher rf at q-leap.de
Thu Sep 3 10:03:53 UTC 2015

>>>>> "A" == Ana Guerrero Lopez <ana at debian.org> writes:

Hi Ana,

got side-tracked recently. Expect libfabric/fabtests packages sometime
in October.



    A> Hi everybody, OFED 3.18 was released around mid-July[1] and I
    A> worked in updating most of the packages in Debian the following
    A> week to the release. However, not all of the packages are yet in
    A> the archive or will be.  If you want to help with the packaging,
    A> specially with the missing packages, take a look to the git
    A> repositories at [2] and join the alioth group.  If you're not a
    A> DD or DM, I'll be happy to sponsor the packages!

    A> Updated packages in Debian 

    A> All these packages are up-to-date in the archive for the version
    A> in OFED 3.1.8. Some of them got updates afterwards.  The update
    A> of srptools to 1.0.3 is still missing, it needs a systemd file
    A> and I didn't get the time before DebConf to write it.

    A> New packages in OFED 3.18 ------------------------- fabtests
    A> 1.0.0-1 ibpd 1.0.0-2 libfabric 1.0.0-1 libibscif 1.0.0-1 libiwpm
    A> 1.0.2-1

    A> None of these packages are in the Debian archive.  Roland
    A> Fehrenbacher mailed me directly about packaging libfabric and
    A> fabtests a few weeks ago. Roland, are you working on this? For
    A> information, libfabric needs packaging infinipath-psm first.

    A> Packages that are not in the Debian
    A> archive -------------------------------------------

    A> compat-rdma 3.18-1.g71b57cc infinipath-psm 3.3-2_g6f42cdb_open
    A> libcxgb4 1.3.5-1 libehca 1.2.2-0.1.g69e1a88 libocrdma 1.0.5-1
    A> ofed-docs 3.18-1.g59d8417 ofed-scripts 3.18-1.g93d3112 qperf
    A> 0.4.9-1 rds-tools 2.0.4-1

    A> compat-rdma, infinipath-psm, libcxgb4, libehca and libocrdma have
    A> never been packaged for Debian.  qperf and rds-tools were before
    A> in the Debian archive, but I filed for their removal. You can
    A> find their packaging in git.  Packaging ofed-docs and
    A> ofed-scripts for Debian does not seem very useful.

    A> Regards, Ana

    A> [1]
    A> https://openfabrics.org/downloads/OFED/release_notes/OFED_3.18_release_notes [2]
    A> http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-ofed/


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