[Pkg-ofed-devel] Update OFED to latest upstream

Talat Batheesh talatb at mellanox.com
Mon Jan 4 22:39:45 UTC 2016

Roland, I am sorry, that was my wrong guess that based on the maintains change in Open Fabrics, I'm happy to hear that you are still do InfiniBand maintaining.
I think that following Mehdi's suggestion is absolutely the safer way to keep the packages updated.

Sincerely yours,

Hi Roland,

Good to hear from you!

On 02/01/2016 22:42, Roland Dreier wrote:
>  > One more thing, there is [2] packages that was maintained by 
> Roland, i  > think that he is not doing any InfiniBand maintenance 
> anymore, could  > you please advise who can be the maintainer of them, 
> we would like  > that also those [2] packages to be updated.
>  >
>  > [2]
>  >     -     libibverbs
>  >     -     libmlx4
>  >     -     libmthca
> I am still able to maintain these Debian packages.  As far as I know, 
> there are no pending updates to libmlx4 or libmthca (what is the 
> current upstream for libmlx4?), and when libibverbs 1.2.0 is released, 
> I will update the package in Debian.

Still, it would be very convenient to have OFED related packages under the same umbrella (no matter who's the main responsible for their maintenance within Debian). Are you in line with this?

We've already prepared the Git repositories and they are ready for use.


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