[Pkg-ofed-devel] Infiniband Kernel Module Initializer and port config tool

Talat mellanox talatb at mellanox.com
Sun Jan 17 11:26:07 UTC 2016

Hi Ana and OFED and Debian Developement and Discussion team,

Till now, in Ubuntu and Debian Operation systems, rdma and Infiniband modules
loaded manually by the user, compared with other operation systems there is
a service that control them (load, unload, status, autoload ..  ).

This services is required and needed by Infiniband and RoCE users, in order to
load the Infiniband kernel modules/ configure ports in VPI mode, the service
already integrated in other operation system named rdma.

We prepare the package that contain this tools in Debian format – attached .

What do you think about adding this package to debian under the umbrella of
“OFED and Debian Development and Discussion team”

Could you please review and share it with the relevant reviewer ?

    - The package is based on rdma package from other Operation system.
    - Currently only systemd is supported.
    - Do we need to support upstart as well ?
    - How do we publish the code git tree somewhere ?
    - [very important AR] The conf file “/etc/modprobe.d/mlx4.conf”
(that comes with
     “kmod” package) is not needed anymore, and must be removed.
      This conf file conflicts with “/lib/modprobe.d/libmlx4.conf”
that will come with
      “rdma” package, and prevents running a script (/sbin/mlx4-setup.sh) that
       configures ConnectX-3 devices port types (IB vs. ETH).

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