[Pkg-ofed-devel] Added libhfi1 repository to pkg-ofed, ITP #862754

Brian Smith bsmith at systemfabricworks.com
Tue May 16 17:00:55 UTC 2017


I have added a libhfi1 repository to the pkg-ofed git tree. This repo will
contain the libibverbs driver for Intel Omni-Path hardware. The ITP bug for
libhfi1 is #862754: ITP: libhfi1 -- Userspace driver for Intel Omni-Path
fabric interface.

The URL is git+ssh://scm.alioth.debian.org/git/pkg-ofed/libhfi1.git

At run-time, libfhi1 requires the hfi1 module to be loaded in the kernel,
which is in linux-image-4.9.0-3-amd64 (unstable).

The hfi1 module requires the hfi1 firmware that is in linux-firmware.git.
Bug #862458 against firmware-misc-nonfree addresses this.

Upstream for libhfi1 is https://github.com/01org/opa-libhfi1verbs. The
pkg-ofed libhfi1 repo is currently empty, but I expect to have it populated
within the next day or so.

This is my first contribution to pkg-ofed and I am doing my best to comply
with Debian and pkg-ofed practices and standards. Your feedback is more
than welcome.

Brian T. Smith
System Fabric Works
Senior Technical Staff
bsmith at systemfabricworks.com
(512) 293-4472
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