[Pkg-openmpi-maintainers] [OMPI devel] Open MPI v1.2.7rc1 has been posted

Tim Mattox timattox at open-mpi.org
Tue Jul 1 12:49:57 UTC 2008

Hi Manuel,
Are plans are to wait for some specific reason to actually release
1.2.7 since we are now focusing on 1.3.  In other words, Debian
is giving us a convenient reason to actually release...
What is the drop-dead date to get the bits posted so
that you can do your sanity checks and get it included?
And what is your "feel comfortable, and not loose sleep over it"
date for the same?

BTW - We had one bugfix since rc1, an improper cast inside
one of the AMD64 atomic op assembly routines, see:

I've not seen any negative feedback about rc1.

On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 3:39 AM, Manuel Prinz <debian at pinguinkiste.de> wrote:
> Hi Tim and Jeff!
> Am Dienstag, den 17.06.2008, 16:07 -0400 schrieb Tim Mattox:
>> Hi All,
>> The first release candidate of Open MPI v1.2.7 is now available:
>>  http://www.open-mpi.org/software/ompi/v1.2/
>> Please run it through it's paces as best you can.
> The RC works fine for me. Did you get any feedback on that?
> I do not want to hurry but the Debian release freeze will be in about
> two weeks and it would be nice to ship 1.2.7 with Lenny (aka. the next
> release). I do not mind packaging the RC since it seems to be perfectly
> stable but I'd prefer to not show our users the "rc1" in the filename,
> as it might give the impression that it's not. What are your plans on
> releasing 1.2.7?
> Best regards
> Manuel

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