[Pkg-openmpi-maintainers] [OMPI devel] Open MPI v1.2.7rc1 has been posted

Manuel Prinz debian at pinguinkiste.de
Tue Jul 1 14:11:42 UTC 2008

Am Dienstag, den 01.07.2008, 08:58 -0500 schrieb Dirk Eddelbuettel:
> Two things:
>  - wouldn't we have to have the package in testing at freeze date, so we
>    would have to upload to unstable at least 10 days prior and then hope
>    that everything goes as usual, no?  Looking at
>       http://packages.qa.debian.org/o/openmpi.html 
>    I see that most / all of our recent unstable->testing transitions went
>    according to plan so we should be cautiously optimistic

I don't know, it's my first Debian release as a maintainer. ;)

I just found that in the last announcement:

> End of June 2008
>   Freeze of all library packages
>     This will affect all packages that produce library packages used
>         by other packaged software. Packages without r-deps won't be
>         frozen at this point.
> Mid of July 2008
>   Full freeze
>     Please don't wait with uploads for the last day before the freeze,
>     thanks.

So technically, we're already late since we do build a library. On the
other hand I did not see the freeze happening, so we might give it a

>  - I have absolutely no qualms about uploading pre-release snapshots, 
>    esp when we (as here) have such good contact with upstream and no how
>    small the changesets are. [...]

Full ACK.

> So shall we go with 'rc1+18710', possibly with a prettier name ?  ;-) 

Am Dienstag, den 01.07.2008, 07:03 -0700 schrieb Jeff Squyres:
> 1. Yes, r18710 was a commit to our release v1.2 branch with the AMD  
> fixes.
> 2. Tim told me earlier this morning that he'd try to get rc2 out on  
> the web site later today.

Great! I'd vote for packaging and uploading RC2 then later today. I have
some spare time available, if the time zones aren't against me! ;)

Best regards

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