[Pkg-opennebula-devel] libxmlrpc-c++4-dev

Damien Raude-Morvan drazzib at drazzib.com
Mon Dec 12 21:30:54 UTC 2011

> I'm having trouble with this package. I'm running 6.0.2 squeeze, and that
> package doesn't exist:

Packages are always targeted to Debian unstable (at least by default :)
For previous versions of Opennebula, we always started to build cleanly in 
unstable (aka sid). Latter on, when package enter testing (aka wheezy - future 
stable release) we can think about backporting [1] it to stable (squeeze).

> $ apt-cache search libxmlrpc|grep dev
> libxmlrpc-c3-dev - A lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP for C
> and C++
> libxmlrpc-epi-dev - Development files for libxmlrpc-epi0, a XML-RPC request
> library
> libxmlrpc-light-ocaml-dev - XmlRpc-Light is an XmlRpc library written in
> OCaml
> Shouldn't we replace it with libxmlrpc-c3-dev ?

No, you should not try to build a package in squeeze right now. If you want 
something "backportable-aware", you can use :
Build-Depends: libxmlrpc-c++4-dev | libxmlrpc-c3-dev

[1] Backports are recompiled packages from testing (mostly) and unstable (in a 
few cases only, e.g. security updates) in a stable environment so that they 
will run without new libraries (whenever it is possible) on a Debian stable 


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