[Pkg-opennebula-devel] Bug#611282: Bug#611282: Seperate client package

Damien Raude-Morvan drazzib at debian.org
Fri Feb 11 18:28:33 UTC 2011

Hi Willem,

JFTR, upstream is also working on something similar to our "split" proposal :
That would be nice if it's also supported by upstream and not only by Debian.

Le jeudi 27 janvier 2011 18:57:53, wvengen+pkg-opennebula-devel at nikhef.nl a 
écrit :
> > IMHO, we have to split actual opennebula package in something like :
> Looks good, but see comments.
> > - libopennebula-ruby (all /usr/lib/one/ruby/ ? split client and server
> >   part ?)
>        it's about 600k ... I'd leave it one package


> > - opennebula-tools (onevm & others CLI tools)
>        or maybe opennebula-client
> > - opennebula (oned, sched_mm and all /etc/one )
>        opennebula-server? (which would recommend the client, I guess)

That seems a little weird to install "opennebula-server" if its depends on 
"opennebula-client" :) That's why I would prefer to stick with a package named 
like "opennebula-tools"...

> - opennebula
>        possibly meta-package containing dependencies for client+server,
>        or maybe a transitional package to opennebula-server and -client?

Yep, I would vote for a meta-package.

Damien - Debian Developper
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