[Pkg-opennebula-devel] Pushed update to 3.2.1

Jaime Melis jmelis at opennebula.org
Wed Feb 15 11:43:21 UTC 2012

Hello Damien,

1) After upgrade of opennebula package, I got :

> #Database version mismatch.
> oned failed to start
> => I think we should either :
> a) document how to upgrade database format with onedb (in Debian.README +
> small comment in DebianNEWS)
> b) allow auto-upgrade in postinst before restart

You're right, I'll do option a).

> 2) I've tried to install sunstone package but got :
> Paramétrage de opennebula-sunstone (3.2.1-1) ...
> Error executing /usr/share/opennebula/**sunstone/sunstone-server.rb,
> please check the log /var/log/one/sunstone.log
> > /var/log/one/sunstone.log
>  Error initializing authentication system
>  No such file or directory - /var/lib/one/.one/sunstone_**auth
> => Maybe you can apply same apg tool to sunstone ?
Actually this is a bit more complicated. When OpenNebula starts for the
first time, during its bootstrap process, it generates a password for the
sunstone user, the user "serveradmin" and places it in
/var/lib/one/.one/sunstone_auth like this:
serveradmin:<hashed password>

If sunstone is installed in the same server as opennebula, it will work out
of the box, but if it's installed in another server there are two things
one must to:
1) Configure /etc/one/sunstone-server.conf  - the :one_xmprlc: variable
needs to point to the frontend's IP
2) Bring /var/lib/one/.one/sunstone_auth from the frontend and place it in
the same path in the sunstone server.

After those two steps sunstone will work. What do you reckon is the best
way to solve this problem? I think that generally people will install
sunstone in the same server and only in specific cases in a separate
server, therefore I propose to do the same as with the other issue,
document it in Debian.README + small comment in DebianNEWS.

Did you find anything else worth mentioning?



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