[Pkg-oss4-maintainers] Bug#565709: Bug#565709: oss4-base: fails with suspend

Romain Beauxis romain.beauxis at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 00:27:01 UTC 2010

Le mercredi 9 juin 2010 19:10:46, koala a écrit :
> Hi,

	Hi !

Thanks for your report !

> This is a major problem for people like me who use a laptop.
> The missing scripts are : soundon, soundoff, savemixer.
> These scripts rely on several directories/files that are not provided by
> the official debian package :
> OSSLIBDIR (/usr/lib/oss)  which I can't find in the official package
> /etc/installed_drivers or OSSLIBDIR/etc/installed_driver which has been
> transformed in /etc/oss4/installed_drivers in the official package
> And maybe others that I haven't seen.
> So these scripts need to be adapted to debian in order to function (maybe I
> can do it if one of you guys explained to me what you are changing from
> the initial package)
> The question is : do you plan to solve the problem ? If not, I will use the
> 4front package, which provides all the files needed (but don't fit into
> debian as perfectly as this one).

Yes, of course.

I see how to adapt those scripts but I dont see how to hook them into the 
system to make suspend work. Could you tell me more about this ?

Also, we accept any contribution, of course, so if you are interested, don't 
hesitate to participate in the packaging !


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