[Pkg-oss4-maintainers] Bug#557902: Bug#557902: oss4-base: disables ALSA without asking

trentbuck at gmail.com trentbuck at gmail.com
Fri May 28 02:57:01 UTC 2010

Romain Beauxis wrote:
>> installing oss4-base disables ALSA without asking [...]
> the deactivation of ALSA can be made optional. However, I believe
> that a user that installs oss4 is well aware that this needs to
> disable ALSA, so I don't think that the fact that the package
> disables ALSA is confusing to him.

This functionality is already part of linux-sound-base.

If I remove your oss4-base_no*.conf symlinks from modprobe.d, I can
select between OSS4 and ALSA by "dpkg-reconfigure linux-sound-base"
and rebooting.

My test kernel had CONFIG_SOUND_OSS_CORE=n.  I suppose that telling
linux-sound-base "prefer OSS" might pick OSS3 over OSS4 -- if so, then
its choices should probably be changed from "OSS/ALSA/auto" to

> to re-enable ALSA, you may simply remove the oss4- core package.

While testing oss4, it is important for me to be able to quickly
switch between alsa and oss4 -- i.e. with a reboot, rather than
adding/removing packages.

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