[SCM] Packaging for padre-plugin-xml tag, debian/0.06-1, created. upstream/0.06-15-gd4b08bc

Damyan Ivanov dmn at debian.org
Mon Jun 22 12:18:24 UTC 2009

The tag, debian/0.06-1 has been created
        at  d4b08bcf8de67f075690cd00cd2c51bb7c5b351a (commit)

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
commit d4b08bcf8de67f075690cd00cd2c51bb7c5b351a
Author: Damyan Ivanov <dmn at debian.org>
Date:   Mon Jun 22 15:11:58 2009 +0300

    improve long description

Packaging for padre-plugin-xml

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