[Pkg-phototools-commits] libpano: annotated tag "libpano13/2.9.12.dfsg-1" created.

Cyril Brulebois cyril.brulebois at enst-bretagne.fr
Tue Feb 5 01:08:54 UTC 2008

==== libpano12 & libpano13 packaging ====

The annotated tag "libpano13/2.9.12.dfsg-1" has been created
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 tagged by  Cyril Brulebois
        on  Tue Feb 5 01:24:39 2008 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag libpano13/2.9.12.dfsg-1.
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Cyril Brulebois (73):
      Initial import from 2.8.6-0.1
      Initial release of libpano13, new changelog entry, closes: #433261
      Update debian/watch to match libpano13
      Update package names, clear unneeded fields
      Rename debian/libpano12* into debian/libpano13*
      Update libpano13-bin.install to follow upstream's renaming
      Adjustments to debian/rules: add --list-missing, various cleanup
      Rename the -bin manpages as well, update debian/libpano13-bin.manpages, add a TODO
      Add a TODO item about unclean source diff
      Move the maintenance to the team, add Florent and myself as Uploaders
      Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.3 (no change needed)
      Add Vcs-*
      Update config.{guess,sub} at build-time
      Add a TODO about the included .svn directories
      Bump debhelper compat from 4 to 5, delete usr/lib/pkgconfig/* from .install
      Reformat (wrap lines of) debian/TODO
      Introduce LDFLAGS to avoid extra linking
      Reformat (wrap) ./configure line
      Add TODO items
      Improve and simplify clean target (KISS)
      Fix extra linking (final round)
      Add -Wl,-z,defs to LDFLAGS. Fix missing "-lm" using LIBS
      Add a TODO item about possibly needed Conflicts
      Remove unneeded debian/*.dirs files
      Update TODO with upstream bug number for “LIBS="-lm"”: 1861166
      Reference 1861171 for the pkgconfig file
      Reference 1861174 for the .svn's in the tarball
      Reference BTS#347650 for libtool's bug
      Add “Conflicts: libpano12-bin” in libpano13-bin
      Get rid of rpath, set on some architectures, using chrpath
      Improve and update debian/copyright, document the needed repack
      Add a TODO item about panoinfo vs pano13info
      Repack because of non-free files
      Reference 1861841 for PixMap.* license troubles
      Update manpages
      Update manpages (second round)
      Add “Replaces: libpano12-bin” to libpano13-bin. Adjust the changelog about the “Conflicts:”
      Remove the TODO item about the upgrade paths
      Switch to cdbs
      Clean the changelog
      Install all binaries, switch from --list-missing to --fail-missing, fix leftover .cdbs-config_list
      Use common-install-arch:: to chrpath+dh_install before the series of dh_*
      Add PTblender.pod.
      Add PTcrop.pod and PTinfo.pod.
      Add PTmasker.pod.
      Add PTmender.pod.
      Add PToptimizer.pod.
      Fix tool names in AUTHORS (renamed from AUTHOR) section.
      Add PTroller.pod.
      Add PTuncrop.pod.
      Add real options to PTblender.pod.
      Add PTtiff2psd.pod.
      Add PTtiffdump.pod.
      Add panoinfo.pod.
      Get rid of previous .1 manpages.
      Generate, then ship, and finally clean manpages.
      Tweak the changelog.
      Get rid of dependency loop.
      Rewrap the changelog again, because of lintian's #461822.
      Improve libpano13-bin's long description, by listing all binaries.
      Fix PTtiff2psd's description.
      Update timestamp. First upload candidate.
      Add copyright information for f2c.h, rgbe.c, rgbe.h.
      Reformat the jpegicc.{c,h} part.
      Add changelog entry about licensing glitches.
      Adjust “Fast fourier transformation” copyright: add fftn.h.
      Update timestamp. Second upload candidate.
      Reference 1877526 for missing copyright and license statements.
      Reference 1877534 for missing manpages.
      Add TODO: Replace “GPLv2+” with “GPL-2+”.
      Add authors from AUTHORS file.
      Update timestamp. Third upload candidate.
      Sync with what was uploaded into the archive.


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