Bug#331729: [php-maint] Bug#331729: php4-curl: Requires an Apache restart on postinst

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Thu Oct 6 03:55:54 UTC 2005

Kai Hendry wrote:
> Well I wish it just automagically worked. 

You're not alone.  I'm pretty sure this bug has been reported before. :)

> I have no idea about what dlopen() means.

Sorry, that's the C function, I meant dl() -- http://www.php.net/dl

> If we compare this to the Windows world where then entire machine
> requires a reboot about 20 million times, then I have no qualms about
> restarting Apache after this module is installed. In my experience I find
> Apache restarts quite a smooth process.

Except when it's not (ie: when a user has broken their config).  But,
I'll consider special-casing a "if the user has the extension enabled in
php.ini for a webserver, restart that server" thing in postinst.

... Adam

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