[php-maint] Bug#334367: php4-curl: php4 FTBFS due to libcurl3-dev disappearing from unstable

Steve Langasek vorlon at debian.org
Thu Oct 20 00:05:50 UTC 2005

severity 334367 important
reassign 334367 php4

On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 12:08:37AM +1000, Paul TBBle Hampson wrote:
> libcurl3-dev disappeared from unstable on or about October 10th (based
> on the upload date in the changelog) and the last PHP4 upload got caught
> in the transition.

The libcurl3-dev package has been reintroduced to unstable today as a
transition package, so this is no longer a fatal error.  We should
transition to libcurl3-something-dev instead at the next opportunity, but
now is not really the time for it.

> m68k	<== Died on unixodbc-dev being uninstallable
> ia64 	<== Died on _both_ unixodbc-dev and libcurl3-dev, unlucky!

All related to the mess of GNOME1 uploads that were recently made on top of
one another, making the libpng transition much more of a mess than it needed
to be.  These build failures should shake out once the various libs are
up-to-date again across all architectures.

> powerpc	<== Somehow died on libcrypto...

Probably a bug in the version of openssl it built against.  Given back
already for another try.

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