Bug#335674: [php-maint] Bug#335674: php5: mime_magic support => invalid magic file, disabled

Adam Conrad adconrad at debian.org
Tue Oct 25 16:29:32 UTC 2005

tags 335674 pending

Adam Conrad wrote:

>I'd prefer not to do this.  Most of your changes to the magic.mime file
>seem to be a matter of preference (changing mime-types, (un)commenting
>entries), and would be better discussed with the file maintainer to make
>sure mime-types are consistent all over.
>The other change appears to be the removal of "string/c" and "string/B"
>type entries.  Would it not be better for us to just patch PHP to learn
>how to deal with these, rather than fork magic.mime?
Okay, upon further investigation, it'll take all of 30 seconds for me to
work up a patch to PHP that does the same thing your magic.mime patch
does (converting all string/foo variants to plain string).  This isn't
incorrect, but it can't break things any worse than having no magic.mime

I'll look later into adding proper string/foo (whitespace collapsing,
case insentitivity, etc) support into PHP, but for now, I'll commit a
patch to make it stop claiming our file is invalid, and include it in
the next uploads.

As for the other changes you've proposed, I would prefer seeing any
mime-type remappings filed as wishlist bugs against libmagic1, not
overridden in PHP.

... Adam

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