Bug#329065: [php-maint] Bug#329065: php5-sybase: sybase_ct doesn't always return correct results from MS SQL

Johan Palmqvist johan.palmqvist at inap.se
Mon Sep 19 15:48:23 UTC 2005

Acknowledged, I just considered it "data loss" due to another 
application which relies on  correct results in order to correctly save 
some data, but I get your point.

However, getting wrong results could theoretically, depending on the 
application, cause real data loss when doing delete queries using a 
previous bad result as input. But I admit that's a bit far fetched. :)

I was also thinking that packaging of both modules as php5-sybase and 
php5-mssql, maybe with some warning notification during installation 
about possible issues with MSSQL, could be a good temporary workaround.

The long term solution is to migrate away from MSSQL but our mission 
critical applications would most likely take years to migrate, test and 

/ Johan

Ondrej Sury wrote:

>Thanks for that test case.
>Just a quick explanation what "data loss" mean (at least to us).  To
>mark this bug as grave because of "data loss" it would have to delete
>affected data from database.
>I know that this is annoying bug (at least for you) and we will work
>with upstream to resolve it, but it's not "grave" bug, because you are
>using very rare setup (php on linux with MSSQL) and it doesn't happen on
>all occasions.
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