Bug#330419: [php-maint] Bug#330419: php4: Random open basedir restrictions as described in PHP bug #19292

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Wed Sep 28 02:41:29 UTC 2005

severity 317577 important
severity 330419 important
tags 330419 moreinfo security unreproducible
merge 317577 330419

Marek Drápal wrote:
> Actually this is not true, at least on Sarge. On a system with 
> more than 400 virtualhosts I get random (after restart of Apache
> very seldom, after a time more often) open basedir restrictions
> with random open basedir.

This is yet another manifestation of #317577, which we've not been able
to reproduce.  If someone can get me a reasonably concrete testcase to
reproduce these, I can try to look at why they're happening, but until
then, they're all getting tagged "unreproducible" and lowered to a
less-than-RC severity.  (To be fair, yours was already less-than-RC, but
the other wasn't)

... Adam

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