[php-maint] Bug#341346: PHP randomly deciding not to execute on apache 2.2

Daniel Lakeland dlakelan at street-artists.org
Fri Dec 8 17:42:33 CET 2006

This bug may be biting us harder now that apache 2.2 is available.

When I upgraded to apache 2.2 various things broke including
squirrelmail and the egroupware login. 

The symptom was that some php pages would happily load (like drupal),
while others would try to download the raw PHP code (squirrelmail
login and egroupware login).

Adding the "AddHandler" lines to /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/php4.conf
after the existing "AddType" lines *seemed* to resolve the problem.

This is a relatively simple fix that may prevent a lot of
headache. Please consider implementing it soon.

If you like it may be useful to add a new bug related to this
intermittent php unparsed downloading so that others can find this

Daniel Lakeland
dlakelan at street-artists.org

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