[php-maint] PHP 5.2.0 and dateTime()

Rudy Godoy rudy at kernel-panik.org
Thu Dec 28 02:40:11 UTC 2006

Hi, as you can note on subject I'm writing regarding the issue with
the datetime function introduction in PHP 5.2.0.

Lately I've been following the development of some apps on this
regard and, while most applications are migrating their own
implementation to fix this issue, there are still some that will not
make it for release because they lack of man power or their new code
is still on beta, and of course not releaseble with a stable version.

While this is not, mostly?, on php's side to prevent applications
crashing due this conflict, I think it would be a good idea to 
notify the user installing php5 and, later $RANDOM_PHP_APP, so they
are aware of this particular problem and can take action to have their
app working.

The other way would be making a version conflict as suggested for
egroupware (#399832, #402405) initially, but that will involve a lot of
work, also delay release, and will not be fair for users who have
already deployed php5.

There are about 104 packages depending on php5 currently, 30 of them
are the php5 modules.

Maybe this should be noted also in release notes.

This way both win, Debian to not have to remove php5 and
people which will have their favorite application working.

best regards.

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