[php-maint] Bug#346550: bug still present in php5-5.1.2

David Mosberger-Tang David.Mosberger at acm.org
Mon Mar 20 16:22:50 UTC 2006

This bug is still present.  The problem is that while this patch:


is well-intentioned, it doesn't work.  The problem with this:

+#include "php.h"
 #define _XOPEN_SOURCE
 #include <time.h>

is that php.h itself includes <time.h> so by the time _XOPEN_SOURCE is
set, it's too late, since the latere inclusion of <time.h> won't have
any effect anymore.

The attached patch fixes the problem and should have no ill effect on
other platforms.  Note that both _XOPEN_SOURCE and _BSD_SOURCE need to
be defined because with _XOPEN_SOURCE alone, type "ulong" does NOT get
declared, which then causes problems in zend_hash.h.  Fun, fun.


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