Bug#359686: [php-maint] Bug#359686: Can PHP be compiled with large file support?

Pieter Ennes pieter.ennes at q-go.com
Wed Mar 29 07:24:51 UTC 2006

Adam Conrad wrote:
> For some rather fun reasons, this can't be done until apache2 is also
> built with large file support, and THAT can't be done until we're
> shipping apache2.2, and THAT can't be done until all (well, most) of the
> apache2 modules we ship are ready to build/run against apache2.2.
> This will all happen shortly in experimental, and should be in place for
> the Etch release, but it's not as simple as "just turning on some
> compile flags", either.

Thanks Adam, for your clear answer...
  - Pieter

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