Bug#366610: [php-maint] Bug#366610: php4-gd: Package has strange dependencies.

Mark Bishop mark at bish.net
Mon May 15 13:33:46 UTC 2006

vincent:/# apt-get -s install php4-gd
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
The following extra packages will be installed:
   libapache-mod-php4 libc6 libc6-dev php4-common php4-domxml tzdata
Suggested packages:
The following packages will be REMOVED:
   gallery2 kronolith2 php4-mysql wordpress
The following NEW packages will be installed:
   php4-gd tzdata
The following packages will be upgraded:
   libapache-mod-php4 libc6 libc6-dev php4-common php4-domxml
5 upgraded, 2 newly installed, 4 to remove and 114 not upgraded.
Remv gallery2 [2.1.1-1]
Remv kronolith2 [2.1-1]
Remv wordpress [2.0.2-2]
Remv php4-mysql [4:4.4.2-1]
Inst tzdata (2006c-2 Debian:testing)
Inst libc6-dev [2.3.6-3] (2.3.6-7 Debian:testing) []
Inst libc6 [2.3.6-3] (2.3.6-7 Debian:testing)
Conf tzdata (2006c-2 Debian:testing)
Conf libc6 (2.3.6-7 Debian:testing)
Inst php4-domxml [4:4.4.2-1] (4:4.4.2-1+b1 Debian:testing) []
Inst libapache-mod-php4 [4:4.4.2-1] (4:4.4.2-1+b1 Debian:testing) []
Inst php4-common [4:4.4.2-1] (4:4.4.2-1+b1 Debian:testing)
Inst php4-gd (4:4.4.2-1+b1 Debian:testing)
Conf libc6-dev (2.3.6-7 Debian:testing)
Conf php4-common (4:4.4.2-1+b1 Debian:testing)
Conf libapache-mod-php4 (4:4.4.2-1+b1 Debian:testing)
Conf php4-domxml (4:4.4.2-1+b1 Debian:testing)
Conf php4-gd (4:4.4.2-1+b1 Debian:testing)


Mark Bishop

Quoting Adam Conrad <adconrad at 0c3.net>:

> Mark Bishop wrote:
>> Package: php4-gd
>> Version: 4:4.4.2-1+b1
>> Severity: normal
>> It wants to remove gallery2 kronolith2 php4-mysql wordpress when I need
>> it for a module in wordpress.
> It... Does?  What's the output of "apt-get -s install php4-gd" that's
> showing this behaviour?
> ... Adam

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