Bug#390570: [php-maint] Bug#390570: php5-mysql: circular dependency hell

Sven Mueller sven at incase.de
Tue Oct 3 12:52:58 UTC 2006

Steve Langasek schrieb:
> On Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 12:58:09PM +1000, Adam Conrad wrote:
>>> There is a circular dependency between php5-mysql and php5-mysqli:
>>> php5-mysql 	:Depends: php5-mysqli (= 5.1.6-2)
>>> php5-mysqli 	:Depends: php5-mysql (= 5.1.6-2)
> Color me confused; why do we need two modules for this anyway?  That seems
> rather bletcherous.

The mysql and mysqli module use different APIs, whoever is using the old
API (which many OS webapps do) needs the mysql module, while anyone
wanting to take full advantage of the more advanced MySQL features from
MySQL 5 needs to use the new mysqli module with the new API. Both
modules can happily coexist in the same apache instance.


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