[php-maint] final php5 changes for etch

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Wed Oct 18 22:10:27 CEST 2006

hey peeps,

(cc'ing adam and steve, since feed back would be good)

so this is what i'm planning on committing and uploading, probably this

- security notes
- reference to an errata page
- a bit more documentation
- a couple security bugfixes
- the new conf layout

obviously, the last item is the biggest one.  i spoke a bit about this
with adam, and i *think* we decided on the following:

- each sapi is configured with a different --config-scan-files-dir
- this dir will actually be a symlink to /etc/phpN/conf.d
- the per-module conffiles will go in /etc/phpN/conf.d

this way, if the admin wants to customize things on a per-sapi basis,
they can remove the symlink, do a mkdir, and manage it seperate

i've committed something to the php5 repository which *should* do this,
though i haven't got to testing it yet.  really sucks when each little
change includes a half-hour build :)

*but* there are two unresolved issues:

- handling non-purge removal
- handling previous modifications (extension=foo.so in php.ini)

for the former, i see two options.  we can (a) not care, in which case
if the admin removes the package, they will get WARNING level messages
about not being able to load the module.  or (b) we can have a
"conf-available" directory which adds/removes symlinks into the main
conf.d directory during installation/removal.  this would be in line
with how apache does things.

for the latter, we can either (a) not care, which results in WARNING
messages about duplicate modules, or (b) prune them out of the
respective config files.

my preference would be for (a), and (a).  it's less work and thus less
code and thus less likely to break.  if someone's running a production
site they should have WARNING messages turned off anyway, and thus it
shouldn't cause serious harm.

what do you guys think?

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