[php-maint] changes, sarge->etch testing, etc

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Wed Oct 25 00:57:06 CEST 2006

hey folks,

fyi, i've made most of the desired etch changes in both php5 and php4. 

i haven't done extensive testing, but i can happily say that a basic
apache2 + php + php-modules installation upgrades from sarge to the
latest version in svn without any major problems (using the
not-yet-migrated apache2.2 packages from sid).

the only thing that struck me while upgrading was that i had to restart
apache manually after upgrading.  is that intentional behavior?

also, there are some bugs in the BTS about pear downloading packages to
the same file namespace as dpkg's (/usr/share).  i don't use pear
myself, but i think it would be really wise to get a more sensible
behavior for etch, more similar to CPAN etc.  the webapps-common group
discussed this a while back and istr there even being a proposal for
what to specifically do.  i'll see if i can resurrect the particulars.

as for upload schedule, we're still waiting for the apache2.2
transition, but on the bright side that gives us more time to test
upgrade paths.

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