[php-maint] security, bug triaging, a couple packaging changes maybe?

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Sun Sep 10 07:07:48 UTC 2006

[re-sending this to pkg-php, as i got some kind of local delivery error
on haydn in the last message.]

On Sun, 2006-09-10 at 04:40 +1000, Adam Conrad wrote:
<discussing php-mysqli>
> Doing this the same way I'm doing it in Ubuntu for now will provide
> people with the change rapidly, should the second thing not work out in
> time for etch.

makes sense.  i'll take a closer look at how it's done in ubuntu.

<discussing --scan-config-dir>
> This change is actually sitting on my hard drive, but needs migration
> testing before I commit to HEAD.  Part of this is bundling things like
> mysql/mysqli in the same package (which is why the Ubuntu php5-mysql{,i}
> packages depend on each other, to provide smooth transition to the
> bundle).  I should find some spare time to make these changes and commit
> them, as they were basically the "last thing" I wanted to do with PHP
> before I handed off to people with more interest in it than I have at
> this point.

how about you go ahead and commit anyway?  more eyes and potential
testers can't be bad...  if it's too disruptive you could always branch
off a seperate tree for testing.  after all, that's what vcs's are
for :)

also, can i ask what the situation is on the ubuntu-side of things for
php?  will you still be working on that?  if not, perhaps some
introductions would be in order with whoever's doing it.  ideally, i
think both sides of the fence would benefit from communication, if
not cooperation, on php packaging.

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