[php-maint] roadmap for etch

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Tue Sep 19 09:33:34 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-09-19 at 17:37 +1000, Adam Conrad wrote:
> I'm going to be in the tropics (no, not a vacation, I wish...) this
> weekend tending to some family affairs, but I plan to get this stuff in
> right after I'm done doing some apache2.2 stuff I promised Steve.

well i hope you get at least a little time off to enjoy the locale :)

> > - coinstallability
> >   when i was helping push forward the php policy draft a year or so ago,
> >   the issue of coinstallability came up.  any reason we can't do this?
> Co-installability of mod_php4 and mod_php5, you mean?  That's pretty
> much a no-go, due to symbol clashes you'll get in the loaded apache
> instance.  Okay, fine, you could install both and not USE one, but
> somehow I don't think that's what users really want when they say they
> want to install both. :)

yes, i was thinking the two apache modules.  your points make sense

> You pretty much have to go with one as a module and one as CGI, or both
> as CGI (both of those configurations are already supported by the
> packaging).

okay.  i'll make sure the BTS entries have information reflecting
i think "eventually" it would be nice to be able to have both packages
installed and only one enabled (using diversions,alternatives, or just
some maintscript logic to prevent installing the second one), but this
is more complicated and not as important given thatt here are possible
workarounds already.

about mysqli--anybody object if i go ahead and upload a new version of
the php5 package with only this modification?

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