[php-maint] php GD extension

Luka M. paxcode at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 11:33:38 UTC 2007

Hello, package maintainers and developers.
Thank you for your efforts.

I have one question regarding php-gd package:
I've installed php5 (and dependencies, which include apache) and mysql
trough packages (in Synaptic). Everything worked fine, both php,
server and mysql. Then I wanted to install php-gd package (the PHP
extension for handling images), but it doesn't quite work. Altough
phpinfo() shows that GD is, in fact, installed, the script I'm trying
to run doesen't do what it's suppose to. When accessing it trough the
web browser (Iceweasel) PHP reports no error, but it returns something
like: http://localhost/test.php - that is the obviously the location
and name of the script I was trying to run - instead of the image
manipulated by GD. Then, when I try to view the page source to see
what exactly happened, I can't access the source (because script is
actually sending a image/png header instead of the text/html header or
whatever it is that is the default), and I can't find out what's going
on (it's obviously not a page then, but it's not an image either,
because I can select text).
What's the script? The script contains imagerotate example from the
official on-line manual:
http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.imagerotate.php (Example 1001.
Rotate an image 180 degrees). When I upload the same script to a web
server (runing SunOS) with php4 that was compiled with '--with-gd' i
believe, it does the right thing, as you can see here:
Now, my question is: do I have to add something to my configuration
file(what, php.ini?), and if so, why isn't that being done automatic
when installing php-gd package?

Waiting for your answer.
Loyal Debian desktop user :-),
Luka M.

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