[php-maint] new pkg-php member: Thijs Kinkhorst

Martin Lohmeier martin at mein-horde.de
Sun Aug 12 22:19:08 UTC 2007

Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> Hi Martin,

> Thank you for the welcome. Since packaging of PEAR modules is mostly very 
> similar work, I think we can gain an advantage in joining forces in this.
> I currently maintain just two modules, but plan on packaging more because some 
> other packages I maintain depend on them (and have copies included). I'll let 
> you know if something is not clear.

Agree. Currently I have a "skeleton" directory on the svn, which can be
used for new packages.

Next week (August 20st - 25th) I've holiday. I'll have a look on your
two packages, to see what is already equal and which is not. We can
first change the skeleton directory and then roll changes out to the
real packages - so we have some king of a policy...

For an on-time communication: I do live in Germany. You live somewhere
in Scandinavia, don't you? My jabber ID is blackm at debianforum.de . If
you don't use jabber, what's you favourite IRC room (I normally don't
use IRC) ?

bye, Martin


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