[php-maint] Bug#433736: #433736: php5 must build-depend on firebird2.0-dev

Damyan Ivanov dam at modsoftsys.com
Mon Aug 20 12:22:43 UTC 2007

retitle 433736 php5 must build-depend on firebird2.0-dev
severity serious
tags 433736 patch


I am scheduling all firebird1.5 packages from removal. See
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=438855. In short, the
package has security problems and is no longer supported by upstream.

Once the package is removed php5 will no longer build from source.

Attached is a patch that replaces firebird1.5-dev with firebird2.0-dev.
The resulting source package builds on i386.

Note that the patch also adds powerpc, sparc and kfreebsd-* to the list
of php5-interbase architectures (and expands the arch filter in
Build-Depends) now that firebird2.0 is supported on these architectures.

Please apply (minus the NMU-part in changelog which I added just for
dam            JabberID: dam at jabber.minus273.org
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