Bug#397904: [php-maint] Bug#397904: Another confirmation of this bug reproducing

Elizabeth Fong elizabeth at ctyalcove.org
Thu Feb 1 22:17:44 CET 2007

tags 397904 experimental

>> There is inneed some ABI incompatibility with libmysqlclient from
>> experimental.  Downgrade your libmysqlclient15off to version from
>> unstable and you should be fine.  This is in fact not a PHP bug, but
>> MySQL bug, but since Sean is in mysql team as well, I'll let him handle
>> this.
> to back up ondrej here, there are known ABI incompatibilities between
> the mysql 5.1 in experimental and the 5.0 in testing/unstable (and thus
> between 5.1 and everything that links against the libmysqlclient15off
> package).
> i'll follow up with christian and find out what our plan is for
> preventing this from being a long-term problem (fixing the ABI or
> changing the soname).
Thanks very much, downgrading libmysql15off and reinstalling 
mysql-5.0-[client|server] solved my problem.  Uck, I wasted hours 
chasing heisenbugs - should have asked you folks sooner...

I won't mark this issue resolved, as it is still possible to 
accidentally trigger it by upgrading to mysql packages in experimental; 
I'll tag it experimental instead.


Elizabeth Fong

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