Bug#413447: [php-maint] Bug#413447: Etch upgrade divide php-pear into several packages without warning

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Wed Mar 7 23:08:57 CET 2007

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hi aurélien,

On Mon, 2007-03-05 at 04:24 +0100, Aurélien Le Provost - Ribaltchenko
> When I upgrade my Debian server from sarge to etch, I expect some
> hand work. But I lost time to understand why Horde doesn't work
> anymore... It's because the php-pear package was divided into
> several small packages, but apt-listchanges didn't notice me about
> this.
> After a while I carried out the origin of the problem : in my case I
> must install php-log and php-db at least.
> Perhaps other people will save time if apt-listchanges notice them
> about the cutting of php-pear?

i'm curious how you found yourself in this position.  currently in etch
there is a php4-pear package which depends on php-pear plus all of the
modules that used to be contained by php4-pear (php-db, etc).  btw,
php-log was never part of php4-pear, and was a seperate package

did you remove the php4-pear package before upgrading?  i just tested a
sarge->etch upgrade and verified that the new packages are brought in

php-log was not installed, but php4-pear-log remains installed since
nothing conflicts with it.  you should probably file a seperate bug
report against this to the php-log package, which is maintained by
someone outside the debian php maintainers group. in the bug report you
should state that it hould sprovide a transitional php4-pear-log package
that depends on php-log.


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