[php-maint] xmlrpc-epi turns out to be libxmlrpc in php

Paul TBBle Hampson Paul.Hampson at Pobox.com
Sun Mar 11 17:06:16 CET 2007

On Sun, Mar 11, 2007 at 01:56:42PM +0100, sean finney wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-03-11 at 17:44 +1100, Paul TBBle Hampson wrote:
>> I'm suggesting either. I'm happy to maintain the package seperately, but
>> I intend to go through the differences between the versions and confirm
>> that they are compatible, and steal anything good from the php-bundled
>> version, so in effect I'd be doing both. I'd also have to track upstream
>> PHP in case they add anything else to the library in the future. So
>> maybe a PHP package team member might want to be a co-maintainer...

> okay, perhaps we can revisit this after you're done.  if you decide to
> use the upstream version we can see how hard it is to build php against
> that instead of the bundled code.  if you decide you want to use the
> php-bundled version, then we should probably just generate it from the
> php5 source package directly.  i don't use this extension myself, so in
> any event it would be wise to find someone who does so we can test that
> it still works :)

Well, my plan was to effectively use the php5 version (since it's the
main place the code's being actively used) but treat it as the upstream
version with patches.

If the package was generated straight out of the PHP source, it'd miss
the samples and tests included in the upstream tarball. (Not that I've
run the tests myself yet, the first roll of the package was pretty
quick 'n' dirty.)

>> A quick poke around the Internet suggested that the only patches being
>> made by other distros to xmlrpc-epi are for gcc4, 64-bit and expat, but
>> I haven't looked at the PHP-bundled version's changes yet, apart from
>> verifying that the .h files match semanticly.

> did you check that visually, or did you use a utility like icheck?

tbble at su:~/code/php/php5-5.2.0/ext/xmlrpc/libxmlrpc$ for d in *.h; do diff ~/code/xmlrpcepi/build/xmlrpc-epi-0.51/src/$d $d; done
< int    Q_Iter_Put(q_iter qi, void* data); // not read only! here for completeness.
< void*  Q_Iter_Del(queue *q, q_iter iter); // not read only! here for completeness.
> int    Q_Iter_Put(q_iter qi, void* data); /* not read only! here for completeness. */
> void*  Q_Iter_Del(queue *q, q_iter iter); /* not read only! here for completeness. */
< xml_element* xml_elem_new();
> xml_element* xml_elem_new(void);
> /* allow version to be specified via compile line define */
>  #define XMLRPC_LIB_VERSION "0.51"
> #endif
< #define XMLRPC_VERSION_STR "xmlrpc-epi v. " VERSION
> #define XMLRPC_VERSION_STR "xmlrpc-epi v. " XMLRPC_LIB_VERSION
< XMLRPC_CASE XMLRPC_GetDefaultIdCase();
> XMLRPC_CASE XMLRPC_GetDefaultIdCase(void);
> XMLRPC_CASE_COMPARISON XMLRPC_GetDefaultIdCaseComparison(void);
< XMLRPC_VALUE XMLRPC_CreateValueEmpty();
> XMLRPC_VALUE XMLRPC_CreateValueEmpty(void);
< XMLRPC_SERVER XMLRPC_GetGlobalServer();   /* better to use XMLRPC_ServerCreate if you can */
> XMLRPC_SERVER XMLRPC_ServerCreate(void);
> XMLRPC_SERVER XMLRPC_GetGlobalServer(void);   /* better to use XMLRPC_ServerCreate if you can */
< const char*  XMLRPC_GetVersionString();
> const char*  XMLRPC_GetVersionString(void);
diff: /home/tbble/code/xmlrpcepi/build/xmlrpc-epi-0.51/src/xmlrpc_win32.h: No such file or directory

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