[php-maint] Bug#414456: Apache2 error 500 with tt_news Typo3 extension

Martin Sebald msebald at hot-chilli.net
Mon Mar 12 00:23:16 CET 2007

Package: php5
Version: 5.2.0-10

Hi all,

me and most of all my customers having serious problems with a Typo3
extension called tt_news. When trying to edit a tt_news entry by clicking
on the edit icon in the backend the server produces a 500 error.

It also could affects other extensions of Typo3 but I cannot name any.

I contacted Rupert Germann in December 2006, the author of tt_news and
after trying and sorting out he believes that this is a PHP 5.2.0 issue.
Attached the mail Rupert sent me. As I'm not a programmer I cannot say for
sure if Rupert is right. But at least it reads comprehensible to me.

As tt_news is a very popular extension plus I sure that also other
extensions or complete different PHP applications have problems with this
xml parsing bugs I hope that this is fixed very soon. I was waiting for the
release of PHP 5.2.1 and after that the release of the Debian package since

Please fix this. I don't need PHP 5.2.1 for any other reason than this - so
if fixing is possible in 5.2.0 I would be very happy with this solution.

Thanks and regards,

PS: tt_news is not a binary extension. Sean asked me. It's just a "normal"
script which gets live interpreted by PHP when clicking through the page.

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Von: Rupert Germann
An: Martin Sebald
Datum: Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2006, 10:34:17 [GMT +0100]
Betreff: Re: Error 500 when trying to edit tt_news entry

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hi Martin,

I also tried it with PHP 5.2.0-7 on Debian and after I wasted some hours with 
unsuccesful testing/debugging I downgraded to the former 5.1.6 version.
The error seems to be located in the xmlparser of PHP. The extension manager 
from TYPO3 could not parse the extensions.xml file and also the parsing of 
big flexform xml files (like tt_news uses) failed.

In the TYPO3 mailinglists there are several theads about the PHP 5.2 problems, 

conclusion is that you either should downgrade to 5.1.6 or you could try the 
5.2.1dev version where people say that this problem is fixed.


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